Solving a P0449 Engine Code on a 2008 Chevy Impala (Evaporative Emission System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit)


About a month ago my car began showing an engine code, which appeared after I ran out of gas (that is its own story). Using DashCommand on my iPhone, and connecting to my car, I was able pull the following code:


Unfortunately I was unable to permanently clear the code. Every time I cleared it the code then reappeared a second later. So it wasn’t simply a left-over from running out of fuel, though I suppose that perhaps the event itself contributed to the equipment failure.

After doing some “research” via Google I determined that it was a relatively simple part to replace.



Via Amazon (as usual) I was able to order a ACDelco 214-3218 GM Original Equipment Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid for about $26. The part isn’t exactly the same as the OEM part so it also requires a specific wiring harness that cost around $17 (ignore any warnings from Amazon if you’re filtering your view based on this vehicle make/model).

Installation is relatively simple. The part is located in the gap behind the left, rear wheel. You should only need to jack the car up but not actually remove the tire (for safety I always recommend using a jack stand in addition to the jack itself). The part itself only has one bolt, the electrical connector, and a tube that slides off of a hose.

Once I replaced the part I was then able to clear the code, which has not reappeared since.

13 thoughts on “Solving a P0449 Engine Code on a 2008 Chevy Impala (Evaporative Emission System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit)

  1. Bill S

    we had no power to the vent solenoid and after a day of tracing wires, we found a 10 amp fuse in the right side fuse box blown, the center top fuse.

  2. Sonny

    Jus replaced purge canister on 08 impala after P0446 code popped up chk eng still on with same code is there a fuse for canister valve

  3. Gordon

    If i recall correctly it is under the hood on the passenger side on my 2007. You can see the fuse box looking under the hood from the front of the car. The owners manual shows labeling for the fuses. There is another fuse box on the passenger side in front of the door.

  4. Todd Trudell

    im about to try doing this job on a 2008 impala v6 3.5 liter can anyone give me some good advice the check engine light is on went to auto zone and got a p0449 code if anyone has any advice i would appreciate it

  5. Khristina

    I have a 08 Chevy impalaLs and the code p0449 pops up check engine light on replacesed the evap emission control system valve/solenoid malfunction check engine light still in and now my car is not wanting to drive when u put in drive it sounds like it’s in nuetral but slowly will get up to bout10-20 miles ph then will go but as soon as I stop it does same thing over n over I need help please

  6. Wayne

    Chevrolet with a 3.5 impala code Po
    449 check engine light stays on .I charge the evap canister the purge solenoid and gas cap. The code will knot go out

  7. Francisco Galvan

    Go with the fuse I’m working an 08 Impala 3.5 I have no power to the plug that goes into the solenoid I’ll keep you updated

    • phreakyphillip

      I have the same issue…no power from the connector for the vent.solenoid. Already replaced the vent solenoid, the gas cap, and purge valve (after removing the hose connected to it and with the car running I put my finger where the hose connected and felt suction which it shouldn’t have) checked fuse by glovebox and also by the battery…all are fine. So what next???

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