Media PC


I received my video card for the media PC I have setup in my entertainment center. It works well but seems to have a problem displaying output to the television and an external LCD monitor. I would prefer to have both and it may work with some tweaking but earlier efforts were non-productive. Yet, it’s not enough for me to considering getting a different card as it serves it’s purpose. I can now watch Battlestar Galactica by downloading it via iTunes and then output it to through the receive to my speakers and television.

My next step, once I sell the X-Box is to purchase a new sound card that supports surround sound via fiber-optic output. Yesterday I swapped out the 30GB drive in that computer with a 80GB drive to bump up the storage space. The case is small and doesn’t have mounts for another drive so the 30GB is sitting on my coffee table. I’ll have to see if Dell made additional mounts for this case and if I can get any from E-Bay.

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