Dynex USB/Firewire iPod Dock Adapter


I passed through Best Buy and noticed a Dynex High-Speed USB 2.0/Firewire Dock Cable for Apple iPod (otherwise known as a sync cable in the Palm/PocketPC world) for $20. I’ve been wanting to buy a spare cable so I could always leave the original at home and not have to worry about running it behind the desk and into the G4 each time I need to take it with me. My primary motivation for purchasing the cable was to be able to charge the iPod when I’m away from home. Though the box only stated it was compatible with “iPod” and “iPod Mini” I figured it would work with the Nano. The connector looked the same. A sales representative said it would work, but I rarely take their word for such things.

I went ahead and purchased it. I haven’t tried it with the Nano yet, but at least it does fit. According to the Dynex website it does work with the Nano. However, I have noticed that neither the Dynex page nor the Best Buy page mention whether or not the cable will also charge the Nano. It should…

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