Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo


As mentioned in a previous post I have been using UltraNVC to control my Multi-Media Server (MMS). While this is convenient if I’m in another room it is not very convenient if I’m watching a podcast, show, or movie and someone calls because then I have to log into the system and pause whatever is playing. Using a remote connection was a temporary solution until I could purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse, which I finally did over the weekend.

I bought a Logitech Cordless Desktop S 510 wireless keyboard and mouse combo. It’s a nice, compact set. The keyboard is has a built-in wrist wrest but it less bulky than most keyboards and the extra keys are well placed. I’ve had one problem with the mouse clicks not always being sent, but I think that’s a problem caused by the elevation of the receiver relative to the mouse and not actually a range problem.

There’s a matching remote that I’m tempted to purchase to make tasks such as watching a DVD or listening to an album more like doing so with a DVD player. A new DVD R/W burner and hard drive will probably not be purchased this month as the current ones appear to be function well enough.

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