New Case/Components


I decided this weekend to ditch the slower Dell computer that I’m currently using and instead build a nicer setup using the components from my 2.8GHz system. The reason I’ve been using the Dell is because it’s a small form-factor and easily sits in my current entertainment center. However, I’d prefer to take advantage of the faster computer and I did sink around $1500 when I originally built it a couple of years ago.

While I could do it this month I’ll wait until the next pay day because of the cost. I was already looking at purchasing a new soundcard with 7.1 channel support and optical digital out, which will bump up the total cost for those two items to about $250. I’m somewhat amazed that I want to do this since I’ve always considered fancy computer cases a waste of money.

The case I’m looking at is the silver Bach series by Thermaltake. The following link goes to the product page for this case at the Thermaltake website:

There’s a slim chance that I may choose to go with the Mystic series, but regardless of which case I choose I do not plan to purchase the kit that includes their media software and remote since there are plenty of other products available.

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