Fried Power Supply


I came home from jury duty last week exhausted. I crashed on the futon. After a moment I realized it quieter in the living room than usual. The power light for the MMS was off so I asked my mother if she had turned it off. To my disappointment she informed me that it had started to make a funny sound, smoked, and then shut off. That meant my new power supply had burned itself up. Fortunately, it didn’t cause any damage.

It was quieter than the previous one so it’s too bad it’s defective. I swapped the new one out for the old PSU and it booted up properly. I have yet to find out of I can send the dead PSU back (or what kind of fees I may have to pay to do so). I’m hesitant to simply get a replacement and it didn’t have the LED shutoff switch that it was supposed to have.

Updated 08/24/2011: I feel compelled to point out that my mother had moved into my place to stay there until she found her own place. Enough said.

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