Payday Purchases


I finally registered two programs I’ve been meaning to purchase for a couple of months in addition to purchasing another that I’ve been considering for a month.

The first is a Windows XP media application called Beyond Media by Snapstream. It presents a graphical interface that is easy to view on a television for playing music and DVDs and also for viewing photos. The bundle I purchased was $59.99. It’s $10 more than the download version but includes the software on a CD and the Firefly Remote, which is sold separately for $49.99. While I have an ATI remote I’ve always considered it clunky and difficult to get working properly. The Beyond Media will probably arrive next Monday.

Several months ago I tested a trial version of a blog client named Ecto. I’ve been blogging more frequently so I started using it again and decided to register it. It works well and costs less than $20 to register.

Another app I registered is AppZapper. It’s the type of program that should have been included with OS X. It’s a simple uninstall program that removes all of a program’s files (not just those in the Applications folder). Registration cost less than $15.

Happy birthday to me!

Update: As of October 2010 I continue to use AppZapper. However, I only use Ecto to lookup older blog archives that are no longer online. Much has changed since then. I primarily use WordPress blogging platforms and have access to many different methods to update my blog now.

Updated 08/24/2011: I’m still using the same license for AppZapper.

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