iTunes Suggestions (revisited)


I’ve revised my iTunes suggestions. My mother unintentionally showed me that playlist organization using folders is supported in iTunes.

  1. Add a function to save the Controls settings for playlists that are played from shared libraries. I’m tired of selecting “Repeat All” for a playlist each time I access that music from another computer.
  2. Add the ability to sort music in the Library using folders. It’s annoying to have to scroll through an enormous list of songs every time I burn a CD and need to build a playlist for that album.
  3. Add groups for playlists. I’m tired of scrolling through my playlists too.
  4. Add the ability to recharge an account using a credit card without storing the information. I don’t want to have to purchase a gift certificate for $15 or temporarily store my credit card info online when all I want to add is $10 to my account.
  5. Add more control over the audio output and the way it interacts with the sound card. Sure, I think my soundcard should be able to autodetect whether or not the audio requires PCM or Dolby 5.1 surround but regardless I don’t understand why the audio/video sync is off if the soundcard settings are configured to use Dolby 5.1.

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