I use YAC to broadcast and display telephone caller ID information across my network. There’s a companion program to YAC, named YacMon that monitors the YAC call log and will send call notifications via e-mail.

I’ve used it before but quit because YAC or one of the associated programs seemed to be leaving the modem off-hook. However, I’m now using a different computer with the same modem so I figured it would be worth a shot to see if it would work. So far it’s been working properly.

To download the file from the forum you’ll need to register but it’s free. I had the same problem with the service parameters as was mentioned in one of the posts and had to enter them into the registry setting instead of including them in the Service properties. I also have not been able to use my SMTP server but instead must use the HTTP gateway that is specified by default.

YacMon – YAC e-mail notification utility
YAC – Yet Another Caller ID program

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