yWriter on Download Squad


Yesterday I posted an entry about yWriter, a free tool for creating and organizing a novel. After I blogged about it I surfed on over to Download Squad and submitted a tip about yWriter. I didn’t really expect to see yWriter mentioned on their homepage since I figured the site managers probably wade through hundreds of submissions each day. Well, to my surprise I noticed today that not only is yWriter mentioned at Download Squad but there’s also a brief “shout out” to myself for sending them the tip.

I just hope that not so many people becoming interested that it ends up bringing down the guy’s site.

For those (few) of you who have been visiting for a while you may have noticed that I’ve had Download Squad included in my list of Tech Links. I’ve been visiting their site for several months. While I’m not interested in every piece of software mentioned I find that it’s very informative in regards to what software is actually worth using and they cover software for multiple platforms. Rather than trying to find my way through a typical “freeware/free software” site in search of at least one good candidate for a specific task I can simply run a quick search on the Download Squad site and will have a much better chance of finding what I’m looking for. However, more often than not I will learn about a program that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without, until I read about it on Download Squad.

The Download Squad write-up on yWriter is available here.

And once again, here is the link to Spacejock Software, the publisher of yWriter (and other utilities).

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