Nintendo Wii


Earlier this month I finally got my hands a Nintendo Wii. It is, quite simply, a very elegant and useful gaming console. I’ll write more about the games and shopping experience at a later time. For now, I only have a handful of statements to write.

Buy at least one extra remote and nun-chuck set. Consider purchasing a total of three additional sets for party/multiplayer games.

If you’re considering buying any Virtual Console games you’ll need the Classic Controller. Consider buying a total of two if you plan to play multi-player games such as Mario Kart 64. A GameCube controller will work in some cases, but for certain games the button layout doesn’t work very well (such as Super Mario World).

You’ll need to purchase GameCube controllers and a GameCube memory stick, if you want to play GameCube games. I recommend the WaveBird wireless controllers manufactured by Nintendo. They hold up well, have a good battery life, and are well designed.

The remote covers (sometimes called “rubbers”) are good accessories to have. They will help you identify your remotes if you take them to a friends house and they also help prevent the remote from slipping out of your hands.<

Go ahead and buy some Wii Points. You’re most likely going to purchase at least one Virtual Console game.

I also recommend purchasing a set of rechargeable batteries and a 15 minute charger. I’m using rechargeable batteries that are a few years old and a slow charger, but the batteries generally last about a week per remote. I consider the playable battery life very good, but I wouldn’t want to be using standard, “disposable” AA batteries.

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