X-Box 360 HD-DVD Drive


Over a week ago I picked up an X-Box 360 HD-DVD drive. I’ve been pleased with the quality. It’s noticeably better than standard DVD, though so far I can’t say that I’ve watch anything that is of quality nearing HD TV broadcasts. Perhaps it’s just the movies that I’ve seen (parts of King Kong and all of 300).

My decision to go with HD-DVD at this time appears to have paid off. My assumption that Battlestar Galactica would be released on HD-DVD because it is distributed by Universal (which backs HD-DVD) and because the series was filmed in HD appears to have been correct. A recent search on Amazon.com shows that Battlestar Galactica Season 1 is slated for release on HD-DVD in December.

The HD-DVD player also plays standard DVDs, which is convenient because it means I can leave a 360 game in the other drive when watching DVDs.

Updated 03/12/2011: Let’s not go there…

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