I Finished the Fight


On September 25 of 2007 Halo 3 was finally released and I was there to pickup my reserved copy. Yes. I went to the local Gamestop at midnight and stood in line when I should have been at home asleep. And yes, I even played some of the game that night, though I only fought through about thirty minutes before hitting the sack.

It was worth it.

The Halo franchise is currently comprised of three games. The original title, Halo, was the flagship game for the first X-Box system. Halo 2 debuted on the original X-Box as well. Halo 3 is only for the X-Box 360, which is the second generation of the X-Box system produced by Microsoft. I’ve been a fan of the series from the beginning. The story line was good and heavily inspired by classic and popular science fiction works such as Starship Troopers (the book, not the movie) among others.

I’ve played it. I’ve beaten it. I’m still playing it.

I’ll eventually have more screen shots and information about my experience but for now I’ll just include one of my more favored screen shots from the game (a new feature that will become standard in more console games in the near future).

In Stacks Of Three

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