iPod touch (a.k.a. iTouch)


I bought one.

I don’t consider myself an early adopter but for this purchase I was.

My video iPod served me well and quite frankly it did not need to be purchased. However, when I saw the video demonstrations of the new iPod touch and it’s capabilities I was intrigued. A good touch-based interface in consumer products seemed to be lacking and the new iPod made it appear that Apple has once again improved existing technology with good market study and design.

It’s not that the new iPod does anything new. It’s just that it, like many other Apple products, does it well.

I prefer simplicity. Sure, I could spend less many and buy an multimedia player with more features. But I’d also have to learn how to use those features and work around them every time I wanted to use the device.

I decided to purchase the new iPod touch for two reasons:

(1) Its touch-screen interface looked easy to use and useful
(2) Built-in wireless Internet

The touch-screen interface is as easy to use as the demonstration videos showed. The GUI is a tour of great design and implementation, something rarely seen in these days of fast product cycles and mass marketing.

As for the wireless, yes, I do have access to a notebook with wireless capability. But if I feel like having lunch in a coffee shop I don’t always want to lug around a notebook.

I used the iPod to look up information about Halo 3 while playing (and without having to open a notebook, power it up or resume from stand-by) and surf the Web.

Yes, the screen does get smudged from fingerprints and it can get annoying at times but most of the time when the device is on and an image is on the screen I don’t even notice. The iPod touch screen is tough. It doesn’t scratch easily. While I’d prefer to have a case made for the iPod touch most of the time I keep it in an older video iPod case or simply dump it into my pocket. I’ve seen videos of people testing the screens with various sharp objects and I’ve even dropped mine in such a way that I expected it to be damaged but upon close inspection I couldn’t find a scratch on it.

The iPod touch is a bit expensive, but it’s a new product and that is to be expected. The memory capacity is not as high as most iPod owners would prefer (I bought the 16 GB version instead of the less expensive 8 GB), but considering my usage habits that’s not really much of a problem. In fact, I have far more opportunity to listen to music than I do to watch videos so I’m using only about 2 GBs of storage space.

It works.

It works well and I’m happy with this purchase.

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