Gaming…Way too much..


But for some reason I still enjoy it.

I had gotten into Halo 3 Multiplayer (Ranked Team Slayer Matches) for a couple of weeks. After a while it started to wear me out (and began to feel very repetitive) so I stepped back, read some books, relaxed, and played other games. I have yet to play it again despite having spent more than a month away.

That does not mean I haven’t been playing games.

This month has turned out to have several new releases that I was interested in. The first was Super Mario Galaxy, which as the reviewers have stated, is the first true Super Mario game in several years. It mixes old styles of Mario gaming with new ones and includes several nods to older games (such as music from Super Mario Bros 3). It’s a fun game and an easy one to just play off and on without feeling one must dedicate a lot of time to.

The other game I was anticipating is Mass Effect, which I can’t accurately describe. Last weekend I watched a special on the Sci-Fi Channel that promoted the game and I was very impressed with what I saw. So impressed that I went out and purchased it. The level of realism, especially in the characters and character interaction, is astonishing. I can’t really describe it other than to say that the designers achieved what they were seeking. This is an adult science fiction story that the player controls. Every action has a consequence, even the dialog chosen. It’s massive and will require many hours to work through.

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