I haven’t been playing games much lately. The newness of the 360 and Wii seems to have worn off, though I still have plenty of games to toy with. Ultimately, as cool as the new Mario game is I just haven’t felt compelled to play it since I the first week after I purchased it. Mass Effect is still an interesting game and I’m going back through and playing again with a different character that is making different choices, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything if I don’t play it very often.

The Wireless home Audio Notification system project ultimately failed. Overall it worked well but I started to experience significant interference between the wireless audio transmitter and the my wireless access point. I may revisit this project later on but if I attempt it again I’ll purchase a 900 MHz wireless speaker system that won’t operate in the same frequency range as other devices. I know this could be a problem in the beginning.

Update 08/28/2011: The wireless home audio notification project has been revisited (and works), though I’m not using it for e-mail notification.

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