Blog Moved to WordPress



The previous Press Any Key blog was operating under Serendipity. It was a good platform but I prefer WordPress so I decided to move the blog. In the process I also updated the URL by adding dashes in the directory name, partly because the old blog was still in place while I installed this one.

Rather than spend a lot of time trying to export everything flawlessly I went the cheap and easy route by simply exporting the Serendipity posted entries as RSS. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t realize that because many posts initially appeared as excerpts (Read More links) the full articles often were not in the RSS feed. So, I may have lost some data. It’s very likely I’ll be able to recover them from local copies on my desktop that were maintained in a blogging app, though it may be a while before I get around to correcting that issue.

In older posts you may notice some HTML showing as text. This is an artifact of importing from RSS. I will need to manually remove <BR /> tags and change links so they really are links. Until then, please ignore those errors.

And yes, I’m using the vanilla template for now…

Thank you.

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