Gas Logs? Trying to find the pilot light?


With Christmas coming up we wanted to have a fire in the living room. The chimney was dirty but since we’re only using gas logs instead of a “real” fire we figured it would be safe to just clean out the base of the chimney, to make sure that nothing flammable would be anywhere near the flames. Air was certainly flowing, so there didn’t appear to be any major blockage the rest of the way up.

Since I’ve never owned gas logs it took me a little while to figure out how to get them started. Our logs were originally made by Martin Industries, which I’m not sure is still in business. After hunting around online and reading about similar gas logs I finally had the idea to lift the first set of fake logs. Sure enough, I found the pilot light system. It looks like I can start the pilot without lifting the logs but I’ll need to get my hands on some long-neck matches to do that properly.

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