Scene It! Lights, Camera, Action


We picked up a copy of Scene It! Lights, Camera, Action (Xbox 360) for the low price of $30 (original retail was $60). It’s well worth the price. One of the nice characteristics of the games is that each round includes several different game types. For example, one game may involve remember things from a short video clip but the next might be a list of questions. I’ve read that a regular Xbox controller can be used with the game but I think the buzzers are perfect – after a while you get used to the button layout so you rarely have to think about which button to hit. The only odd thing about the controllers is that they communicate with a USB infrared receiver connected to the Xbox.

Overall, it’s one of the best party/trivia games I’ve played for the Xbox (or PS3). There’s also a Box Office Smash (BOS) edition that we may try to get our hands on soon. The photo included below only shows two controllers but the box actually includes four controllers.

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