Getting (other) applications to work with mControl


Some applications that I have mControl run via macro work just fine using the “Run App” without modification. However, there are others that just won’t run, most likely an issue related to permissions/security settings within Windows 7. A perfect example is a command-line program I use for text-to-speech. It works fine when run from command prompt, outside of mControl but does not run within mControl.

After some searching I found a solution in the Embedded Solutions forum page “HOW TO: Run External Applications”. Specifically, the solution that helped me was provided by forum member groovejumper. Groovejumper’s solution is to use psexec.exe, which can be found in the Sysinternals PsTools Suite. To make this work one will need to use the -i 1 parameters. An example is included below:




-i 1 c:\folder\application.exe parameters

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