KeePassX Slow to Open in OS X


For a while I’ve noticed that KeePassX was very slow to load. It wasn’t until today that I finally got around to fixing the problem. It seems to be caused by using an older version of the password database. I’ve been using KeePassX for some time, so the database format has probably changed since I first started using it.

I’ve had KeePassX set to automatically load a specific password database. It does, of course, still require a password before actually opening the database. Each time I started KeePassX it would take several seconds before I received the password prompt for my database.

In an attempt to fix the problem I opened the password database file, re-saved it under a new file name, and then closed KeePassX. Since then KeePassX has started immediately, every time.

One thought on “KeePassX Slow to Open in OS X

  1. Justin

    Amazing. I was actually thinking of stopping using KeepassX because of the horrible performance. I tried your trick and the app is completely usable now. Thanks for the tip!

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