I ran into a problem while installing the iPhone SDK. A few minutes from the end the install paused and I was prompted with an “Installation Alert” informing me that iTunes needed to be closed before the install could proceed.

I closed iTunes but the prompt remained. Well, the install process had taken a long time so I didn’t want to quit and start over. The solution was simple.

I opened “Activity Monitor” and noticed that while iTunes wasn’t open the “iTunes Helper” process was still active. I shut down the process and a few seconds later the install of the SDK proceeded.

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  1. Many thanks… I tried a ps -ef | grep itunes and nothing showed up! Lifesaver!

  2. Thanks! Had me stumped!

  3. Wow, Very Very ThankX , Have a nice day..

  4. thanks for this post. It really helped

  5. thanks for the post. it really helped

  6. hey thanks. I didn’t know what to do…

  7. Hello everyone,
    grep for iTune

  8. Thank you – that did the trick!


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