Dropping Shion for mControl (But Shion is a Great Option)


I’m shifting back to using mControl (Windows) and dropping my recent use of Shion (OS X). However, it’s not because of problems with Shion. The program is very good and Chris, the author, was very helpful in getting the iOS app working for me.

The reason I’m not going to be using Shion is simply because I recently acquired an ASUS EeeBox PC. More details about why I’m making this change will be included in a future post.

2 thoughts on “Dropping Shion for mControl (But Shion is a Great Option)

  1. I’ll be sorry to see you leave, and would be interested in any feedback before you leave, in the interest of customer feedback. (You should have my e-mail address.)

    -Chris, Shion dev.

    • I hope that I’ve made it clear to any readers of this post that I’m moving back to my previous solution only because I acquired the ASUS system and would prefer to have just one system running 24 hours per day.

      It has nothing to do with Shion itself. I think it’s a great program and your willingness to respond to my questions and even to read this post is a testament to your dedication to the project. Thanks again! If a Mac-mini server ever lands in my lap in a similar fashion as the ASUS then I will be revisiting Shion.

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