I Can’t Upgrade to Lion (But I’m OK with It)


Updated 10/13/2011: Then again, maybe not…

When Lion was released I was initially dismayed to learn that my iMac wasn’t compatible since it has an Intel Core Duo processor. However, the more I read about problems with Lion the more I think I’d be experiencing flashbacks of difficult Microsoft Windows upgrades from previous years (for example, from Windows 95 to Windows 98).

It’s probably not much of an issue for new Mac owners that aren’t migrating software and data from an older Mac. But for those that are, it seems there are many challenges. Incompatible software, software that Lion removes, various OS bugs… That’s not say that it’s a bad upgrade, but anyone who’s worked with computers for several years should already know that leaping into a major OS upgrade right away isn’t always the wisest decision (of course, it depends on the various needs and habits of each user).

For the moment, I’m not feeling too concerned about my iMac’s inability to be upgraded. I’m sure it will hit a sore spot when the software I prefer to use is no longer updated for Snow Leopard. Until then, I’ll just mull over purchasing a new Mac.

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