Upgrading the RAM in the ASUS EeeBox PC (EB1006)


The ASUS is running Windows 7 just fine with only 1 GB of RAM but considering all of the various tasks I have this system handling I figured it would be best to max it out. This ASUS model supports a maximum of 2 GBs on a single stick. After a quick order from Crucial.com for about $28 all I had to do was wait for the upgrade to arrive.

The memory came today but when I  tried to install it I found the memory slots were not as easy to reach as I had anticipated. However, it wasn’t very difficult and I didn’t damage the case trying to figure it out thanks to Martin Bergek’s guide, which I’ve provided the link to. The only difference between his ASUS and the one I’m using is the number of slots. Mine only has one slot – everything else was the same.

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