Powermat 2X (Powermat Wireless Charging Kit)



One of the items I received for Christmas was another Powermat. The first kit I purchased can only charge my iPhone but this kit can charge two devices at the same time. It also includes a wireless charging adapter that can be used with nearly any USB device with the included adapter tips.

The kit is great and so far seems to work without any issues. Placement of the iPhone is a little different. The other charging kit is practically form-fitted so the case fits in easily. On the larger charging mat it takes slightly more work to place the iPhone properly but it doesn’t take long to get used to figuring out the proper alignment to charge.

It does suffer from the same issues the other Powermat has – annoyingly bright LEDs (to indicate charging) and the sounds that it makes when the mat begins to charge a device. Those issues aside it’s excellent. I like the convenience of not having to plug and unplug every time I want to charge – this should help prolong the life of the connectors for when I do need to charge with a cable.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this gift. One of the reasons I wanted it was so I could also charge my first-generation iPod nano, which it does. It’s also capable of charging my 3DS with the extended battery.


4 thoughts on “Powermat 2X (Powermat Wireless Charging Kit)

  1. dustin

    I just bought one, I can’t seem to find the light button that’s mentioned in the owners manual.

    Also I have a blackberry Torch 9810 and when I place my phone on the pad the screen turns off and u can’t turn it on until u take it off but it does not charge the phone… The only way it charges is if the reciever is plugged in.. Is this suppose to be the only way? Or am I able to charge it wireless like they advertise?

    • Dustin – You’re supposed to be able to charge it wirelessly using the Powermat. The USB connector on the case should only be needed to charge when you’re away from the Powermat.

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