Resolving Windows 8/8.1 Automatic Repair Loop After Windows Updates


This particular solution isn’t one that I discovered, though unfortunately in the course of seeking a solution I neglected to bookmark the post in which I read it.

There can be many causes for an automatic repair loop, so this solution may not fix the problem for everyone.

While working on a laptop for some friends I encountered a problem after applying some Windows updates. On restart the system went into a repair loop, which resulted in an inability to restart into Windows.

In this case the problem appears to be a Windows feature that essentially makes the OS get in its own way. The solution was to Disable Early Launch Anti-malware Protection.






One thought on “Resolving Windows 8/8.1 Automatic Repair Loop After Windows Updates

  1. Emmelia

    What did you do to get to that screen? I’m on a Dell and have no idea how to get past the black screen with the Dell logo where the automatic repair loop is happening.

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