A Simple Serving Tray


This post contains Amazon Associate links. If you purchase something through them I may get a small commission, which helps cover the hosting costs for this blog.

I spend some time on the couch watching shows and playing games. So does my son. I have side tables on each side of the couch but he still has a habit of placing food and snacks on the ottoman instead of using the side tables. To avoid (further) spills I decided to get some kind of serving tray for us to use.

I didn’t want to get another TV tray because, even though I have one, those can easily be tipped over. So after reading several products reviews I found the Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray With Handles. At only $15 it turned out to be more sturdy than I was expecting.

An added bonus is that it happens to fit nicely inside the ottoman, so I can easily hide it when it’s not in use. For an inexpensive product, it’s worked perfectly.

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