Organizing Batteries with a Battery Daddy


This post contains Amazon Associate links. If you purchase something through them I may get a small commission, which helps cover the hosting costs for this blog.

The Battery Daddy (in box)

Being a tech geek, and also having a child, batteries are often in demand. Though I do have rechargeable batteries that I frequently use, I’ve found that some toys and devices work better with disposable batteries in certain cases, so I still order sets of batteries from Amazon from time to time. I can’t tell you if the quality of the Amazon Basics is any better than other brands, but I certainly get more for my money.

For several years I’ve simply kept them in a plain, plastic box. At some point I started using some small battery organizers, which worked alright but even then the little box can get clutterd. At some point, while shopping, I encountered the Battery Daddy. It’s a neat little organizer that is designed to hold a lot of batteries with storage on both sides of the carrying case. At the time, I just made a note as a reminder but didn’t purchase it.

Last month I finally got around to ordering my own Battery Daddy from Amazon for about $17. I’m definitely pleased with this purchase. It keeps the batteries from getting cluttered and rolling around – the large volume of batteries that I order easily fit in this case with room to spare.

If you’re into keeping things organized, I think this is definitely a worth-while purchase.

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