Using iTunes with mControl


Despite my lack of luck with the mControl text-to-speech driver I did manage to get the iTunes beta driver to work. Setup required a lot of troubleshooting and in the end the only way I could get it to work was to dump all songs into only one playlist. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to play only one song at a time so instead I set a delay of two minutes after a song starts to play. After two minutes iTunes receives another command to stop playing the current song.

It could be a simple matter of not understanding the commands that are available but for now I’ll stick with this setup as I don’t have very many uses for the music. To handle the sudden delay I’m considering editing the MP3 files by cutting them down to two minutes with a fade-out.

Note: I was using Winamp in conjunction with a command-line interface (Clamp) but it didn’t work perfectly and I was not thrilled that Winamp seemed to have updated itself automatically.

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