Stuck with Vanguard for X10 Cameras (for now)


I have an X10 wireless camera in use. It works fine though I’ve never been happy with the software. I’m hoping that in the near future mControl will include X10 camera support but until then it looks like I’m stuck with Vanguard. Like most of the software provided with X10 devices it’s a bit clunky. My biggest irritation right now is that it consumes a great amount of CPU resources (often between 80%-90%). I’ve searched forums, etc and have found many complaints but no solutions that have helped me.

At least one user suggested running Vanguard in Windows 98 Compatibility mode. It doesn’t seem to have made a difference in my case. I may see if there’s a newer version of the software available and hopefully it may address this issue.

Updated 08/30/2011: In December 2010 I finally abandoned the X10 camera and software completely. Instead, I bought a Foscam F18918W IP Camera and Vitamin D Video camera monitoring software (available for Mac and Windows) and haven’t looked back.

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