Foscam Wireless/Wired IP Camera (FI8918W)


In September of last year I decided to remove an X10 camera that underperformed beyond my expectations (the same can be said of the software that came with it). I replaced it with a Foscam IP Camera (FI8918W), which is a much better device. The Foscam is a good, all-around IP camera for general use and may work well as a security camera in certain situations. At about $90 it’s a good price for a reliable IP camera.

The video quality isn’t exceptional, but it’s good and far better than the old X10 camera. If you’re interested in purchasing one then you should consider purchasing additional software for monitoring the camera. The built-in Web interface has a limited set of features and is a bit clunky.

I’ve been using the basic version of Vitamin D Video (about $50), which I’ve actually ran under Windows and OS X at different times and with the same license. In addition, I also manage the camera remotely using an iOS app called Foscam Surveillance Pro for iPhone ($4.99) that replicates many of the Web interface functions including saving snapshots and moving the camera.

Here’s a rundown of some of the core features of the camera:

  • 640×480 resolution
  • IR-LED based night-vision
  • Wireless and wired network connections built-in
  • Remote pan/tilt control

Updated 08/31/2011: A commenter raised the question of whether or not this camera will work with Vitamin D Video. This is a good question and leads to a piece of information I failed to include in this post. I’ve added another post that explains how to make it work. In addition, I sent an e-mail to the company praising them for their choice of license management and I also mentioned the fact I am able to use this Foscam with Vitamin D Video.

I received a response this evening stating that the ability to use the license across platforms was intentional. I was also asked if I could provide information on the settings I used as other customers have asked about using this camera, so I reviewed my settings and e-mailed the information. Perhaps this information will assist them in adding it to the list of officially supported cameras. Regardless, it does work.

9 thoughts on “Foscam Wireless/Wired IP Camera (FI8918W)

  1. According to VitaminD, the FI8918W does not work with their software, whereas the FI8908W does. Can you confirm if you have the FI8918W working with VitaminD and the software version? Thanks!

    • Marvin – I double-checked my invoice from Amazon and it shows that I ordered the FI8918W. I suspect these cameras are very similar. I haven’t had any problems using it with the Mac or the Windows version of Vitamin D Video. I’m not sure of the exact version number of Vitamin D that I’m using but I know it’s the Basic version that supports two cameras simultaneously and my assumption is that it’s the version currently available for purchase (I installed the Windows version on my ASUS within the past month or two and the Mac version was originally installed on my iMac last December).

      I’ll try to remember to verify the model number on the camera and post an update, but it should match the model used in this post. It’s possible that the folks at Vitamin D Video just haven’t added the camera model to their list of supported devices.

    • I checked my camera and it is indeed the FI8918W model. I’m not aware of any limitations in Vitamin D Video caused by using this model. As far as I know Vitamin D works well with it. Thanks for raising this question. I’ll add a note to the post itself.

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