DirecTV HR20 Receiver and RF Remote Issue (Simple Fix) – Part 2


Updated 05/25/2011: Save yourself time, money, and frustration by checking out my latest solution.

I guess my RF remote issue fix wasn’t all that simple. Lately we’ve been plagued with more remote issues when watching TV in the bedroom. I checked the batteries again but those were fine. So, I spent some time searching on Google and hit several posts on SatelliteGuys.US with many similar complaints. Few offered resolutions but one user mentioned that he was able to connect a coax cable to the antenna port on his receiver and then connect the antenna to the cable, which solved his problems.

I just tried the same. It appears to be working better, but only time will tell. I did have a suspicion that the connection may have been coming loose, which is why moving the antenna would seem to fix it. Now I have a short (about 3′) coax cable connected to the antenna port, which is then plugged into a barrel connector that connects to the actual antenna.

Update: Jeez… This may not have worked either. It worked fine when I tested it but when my wife tried to use it we had the same problem. There’s nothing she could have done to change it so I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a problem with interference…

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